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  • Drive sales by recapturing lost opportunities
  • Key Quote feature: custom trade value
  • 3 Ways to Maximize Sales with Quote
  • Boost profit with a customized trade value
  • Using Connect for an Effective BDC
  • Conquest Campaigns
  • Email Pre-Header Text
  • How Online Service Payments Improve the Customer Experience
  • Expedite Check-Ins and Enhance Service
  • Maximize Efficiency with AutoLoop ShopMonitor™
  • How XRM Overcomes 4 Common Buyer Objections
  • What is the Best Predictor of Customer Loyalty

    AutoLoop VP of Analytics and Data Services Doug Van Sach shares findings about the best predictor of customer loyalty from AutoLoop's recently published white paper, "Life After Loyalty."

  • 2 New Sales Planner Features
  • 5 New Dynamic Worksheet Features
  • Perception vs. Reality: Are You Seeing your Service Department through your Customers’ Eyes?

    Many consumers have the perception that servicing at a dealership is more expensive than at independent service providers. Whether this applies to your service department or not, independents acquire customers through consistently advertising competitive prices. Unfortunately, this seems to be working well for them as they're capturing more and more of your business.

  • Surviving the Customer Loyalty Tailspin

    Today, the Big 3 automakers account for only 44% of the market – a 26% decline from 2 and a half decades ago. In this short amount of time, consumer loyalty is no longer within reach, as the average customer retention rate across the industry has sunk below 50%. This amounts to dealers losing more than half of their customers each year.

  • Prepare for Disappearing Drivers

    Customers want alternatives to owning a vehicle. With the rise of on-demand driver services such as Uber and the approaching disruption of driverless vehicles, this shouldn't really come as a surprise. It is, however, a chilling reminder of how easily complacency can cause suppliers to lose touch with their customers.

  • Consistency: Better Than a Crystal Ball

    If you’re like most dealers, you may feel that you don’t want to inundate your customers with mail. However, the issue is that your competitors are most likely sending mail to the same customers that you’retrying so hard not to overwhelm.

  • Among Automotive Customers, Mobile Leads in Email Marketing

    A recent analysis of AutoLoop’s 60-million-plus customer database revealed that well over half the emails delivered from our system were opened or clicked via mobile deviceEmail marketing engagement through smart phones and tablets was even higher among affluent customers who owned premium vehicles. 

  • Just a Gimmick? Or Are Giveaways Really Needed?

    Do you shy away from giveaways and win-a-prize type mailers? If you’re like most dealers, you probably do. Giveaways are frowned upon for fear of attracting customers who are more interested in winning a prize than buying a car. 

  • Stay out of the Trash by Training Your Customers

    When I consult with dealers about service mailers, I often find that their approach contradicts what they’re looking to achieve.

  • Catch More Customers with a Contagious Sales Event

    Do you remember the days when your mailers were based on actual sales events? Let’s go back in time: back to the days when the sale ran for eight hours only or was valid for just two days—not five. The idea was to crowd the showroom and create a buying atmosphere with a real sense of urgency, as opposed to a trickle of customers over the course of a week. 

  • How Two Birds with One Stone Protects Your Investment

    Have you ever considered targeting your sales and service customers simultaneously? Try placing a service offer in with your next sales mailer. I promise you’ll be happy with the results.

    Service has become a highly competitive market. Shops now exist on practically every street corner. It’s hard to find a conquest customer who is willing to drive more than five blocks for service, which makes mailing more than five miles out from your dealership a huge gamble. But where there’s no risk, there’s no great reward either.

  • Why Do Your Marketing Results Disappoint?

    When I talk to dealers that are disappointed with their email and direct mail marketing results, my biggest question is this:

    Why would you send out an email offer to your customers that you would not PAY to send out via direct mail or other methods?

    I see it happen all the time. A dealer sends out an email for something such as an AC check for $69.95, or a free multi-point inspection and a filter special. If I were to say to that dealer, “would you spend 89 cents to send that offer on postcard?” Their reply would be a resounding “No!”

  • The Cross-Media Approach: Are We Practicing What We Preach?

    When I look at advertising strategies in our industry, one of the most consistently missed opportunities I see is dealerships who are trying to save money by marketing to all their customers through email, and only sending mail to customers without an email address on file.

  • Unchain Your Sales Force: Why you Need A Mobile CRM

    What’s the most time-consuming part of making a sale? More often than not, it’s the paperwork: dragging the customer inside to input information…involving sales managers who are stuck in their offices desking deals...getting trade-in information down on paper to input into the appraisal tool, which is back in the office, and so on.

  • Why Give Discounts to a Customer That Is Already Paying Full Price

    From a dealer perspective, sending a discount to a loyal customer doesn’t make sense: most dealers would say they already give too much money away trying to recapture lost customers and attract new ones.

  • Never Forget Who Butters Your Bread

    I ran into an old acquaintance at Starbucks a while ago. I had referred him and his wife to a dealer friend a couple of years back, so I casually asked him how the deal had gone for them. He said he’d appreciated how seamless the dealership had made the experience and that the sales person had correctly given his wife due attention. “She loved the guy,” he told me as the barista prepared our beverages

  • The Cost of Using Multiple Marketing Companies

    One cost-cutting strategy that should be considered by every dealership is to reduce or eliminate overlap in vendor services. Utilizing multiple marketing vendors, all with overlapping services and all communicating with your customers, is not a good strategy.

  • How to Cash-in on Your DMS Data

    How much money is sitting in your Dealership Management System (DMS) right now?

  • Three Tips to Boost Email Collection Rates

    A name without an e-mail address is a wasted opportunity. For every 10,000 contacts pulled from dealership management systems, on average only 3,000 have deliverable e-mail addresses. This means that most dealers are unable to send e-mails to 70 percent of their past, current and potential customers.

  • Why Customers Leave Without Buying A Car And What To Do About It

    What's the most creative reason you've heard from a customer who is leaving your dealership’s lot without purchasing? According to AutoLoop Engage's call center statistics, only three percent of customers who leave without purchasing give the salesperson the real reason.

  • Incoming! Why Every Phone Call Should Be Treated as Mission Critical.

    Consider implementing some, if not all, of these best practices to better handle sales and service opportunities from phone leads.

  • Give your Customers the Experience they Crave

    Creating a positive experience for your customers is a great way to systematically increase their loyalty—and your profit. If you haven’t already invested specific effort in this area, you might find these ideas helpful. While focusing primarily on products, pricing and advertising can lead to success, providing great customer experience will bring infinite rewards.

  • Part 3: 3 Ways Scheduling Software Can Work for You

    Let's look at scheduling software’s ability to help your service department.

  • Part 2: 3 Ways Scheduling Software Can Work for You

    Let’s look at what it can teach you about your customer’s vehicle, and how you can use that knowledge to increase customer loyalty.

  • Part 1: 3 Ways Scheduling Software Can Work for You

    Ever find yourself with an overbooked service lane? It’s happened to the best of us ... and it doesn't help anybody. Your customers drive away frustrated, and your employees get stretched too thin.

  • Why Email is Your Most Powerful Weapon

    We all know that running a dealership requires promotion. From new models to low monthly payments, you have no shortage of intriguing information. But this won’t help you if your customer doesn't hear about it.

  • For Easier Marketing, Pull the Trigger

    What if there's a way to set up all your dealership’s marketing messages once and know the right pieces were going to go to just the right people at just the right time? That’s the magic of triggers.